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Have some GRACE!

Friday, April 06, 2018

Hello, 2nd Quarter! So much to blog about...so little time! Geesh!!! This post will be quick and to the point......have some GRACE!!! We can so easily be tough on each other in areas that we are gifted in or areas we have mastered. I see it all the time and I often  want to chime in and scream HAVE SOME GRACE!!!!!! My goodness!

I believe that the things that come easy for us are very purposeful on God's part. We must learn to take it easy with one another and make our gifts work for us and not against us. The next time you feel the urge to go hard because someone is not as disciplined as you, as creative as you, or doesn't work as hard as you think they should, I encourage to gracefully lead your brothers and sisters into a new thought process.

 We don't have to be cruel and mean to encourage greatness in each other. Think about the area that you struggle in the most and extend that grace to the people you feel lead to encourage! I thank GOD for HIS grace towards me!! Thinking of God's hand in my life keeps me HUMBLE and able to extend grace, love, and kindness to the people around me. 

This beautiful dress is from Shein!

I have mentioned before and will say it again...SIZE UP with Shein! They have some pieces that have worrked so perfect for me but I had to size up. I am a size 14-16 and typically between a 1x-2x. For Shein, most of my pieces have been 2x-3x. 

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